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Our goal at Neil Rasmussen Antiques and Fine Art is to offer a diverse range of quality paintings, furniture, and decorative accessories from the 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries, as well as items from the American West. We search out items that, because of style, originality, quality of construction, rarity, beauty, and historical importance, are most desirable. You can be assured of the authenticity of our fine merchandise as we deal in only original pieces. Over 30 years experience, educated taste, wide range of interest, and a "good eye" has provided maximum buying potential for the serious and discriminating collector, as well as those just venturing into the world of antiques. Mr. Rasmussen has always felt that an investment in an antique is a visual investment in your future that will yield years of visual dividends.

About Neil Rasmussen

Neil Rasmussen has been in the antiques and fine arts business since 1968, beginning with an interest in vintage automobiles. At the age of twenty-two he purchased approximately 200 vintage autos in Montana, (sounds impressive! wasn't really. many were basket cases, many drivable, all were American, and it was a great adventure!!) and transported them back to the San Francisco Bay Area. He then formed his first company, called Antiquity Autos, and from there branched out to buying and selling a fascinating eclectic variety of quality fine art and antiques. In 34 years of business Mr. Rasmussen has been featured in many newspapers and trade publications, participated on KGO San Francisco radio programs appraising antiques on behalf of the Hillsborough Antique Show, and was featured on the San Francisco TV morning program AM San Francisco, exhibiting his collections on behalf of the San Mateo Collectors Revival. He and his wife, Jan, have owned several antique stores and malls in the San Francisco Bay Area, and participate in major antique shows throughout the country. They are located about 30 miles south of San Francisco, near Stanford University.

Shows We Have Participated In

  • Hillsborough Antique Show, San Mateo, CA
  • Bustamante Antique Shows, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and San Francisco, CA
  • Western States International Antiques Fair, Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Grass Valley Old West Antiques Show, Grass Valley, CA
  • The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, San Francisco, CA
  • Arts and Crafts Show, San Francisco, CA
  • Antique and Collectors Revival Show, San Mateo, CA
  • O'Hare Antique Shows, Dolphin Promotions, Chicago, IL
  • Navy Pier Antique Show, Chicago, IL
  • HADA, Houston Antiques Dealers Association, Houston, TX
  • Palmer Wirfs and Associates, Portland, OR
  • Old West and County Show, Santa Fe, NM
  • Ethnographic Art Show, Santa Fe, NM
  • Sun Valley Antique Show, Sun Valley, ID
  • Miami Beach Antiques Show, Miami, FL
Current Show Schedule
  • Hillsborough Antique Show, Booths 9-10, San Mateo, CA, November 20-23, 2003
  • Bustamante Antique Show, Pasadena, CA, December 5-7, 2003
  • Nativity Antique Show, Menlo Park, CA, December 12-14, 2003
  • Hillsborough Antique Show, San Mateo, CA, February, 2004
  • Old West Antique Show, Grass Valley, CA, May 7-8, 2004

   Shows We Have Participated In
Current Show Schedule
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