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Carmel Coast by Alexander Dzigurski

An exceptional oil painting, in the original gilt frame, of the Carmel, California coast at sunset by Alexander Dzigurski (1911-1995). This is an important perspective in respect to the dramatic use of light that Dzigurski used in this painting. The sun descending into the clouds. The beautiful translucent blue of the ocean cove, the last hint of sunlight reflecting on the oceans surface, the rugged California coastline rising up above the oceans constant raging waters. And, yet, amongst all this energy, a small haven of retreat, a small sandy beach survives.

Following is a short biography on Alexander Dzigurski:

Dzigurski started his artistic career in his native Yugoslavia by decorating the interior of churches, which he continued to do in the U.S. after he and his family had fled from Tito's communist regime via Italy. By 1952 he could afford to travel and paint landscapes, eventually settling in California where his art is most associated with.

Dzigurski traveled widely in the U.S. , painting in the Rocky Mountains, Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, New England, Carmel, and along both coasts. He studied at the School of Art in Belgrade, and at the Academy of Art in Munich, Germany. He was a member of various organizations including: Fine Art Institute, Los Angeles, Am. A. Prof. League, and Society of Western Artists. His work has been exhibited in the following museums: Belgrade Art Museum, Yugoslavia, Ford Museum, Detroit, and Boston Museum of Fine Arts. His paintings can also be found in the Franklin Mint Museum of American Art in Pennsylvania, the Republic Bank of Dallas, The Michigan Bank of Chicago, Illinois, the Ravenswood Bank of Chicago, Illinois, and at the Caterpillar Tractor Company in Peoria, Illinois.

Dzigurski's seascapes and landscapes are most realistic and have broad appeal. Having become one of America's well-known artists, Alexander Dzigurski died in 1995.

Artist:Alexander Dzigurski 
Providence:Important San Francisco area collection. 
Material:oil on canves 
Width:30 inches 
Height:40 inches 
Item #:135 

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